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Paragraph Writing Examples || English Paragraph Writing || Paragraph Writing Topics

Paragraph Writing Examples: Here, is the best place for you to download paragraph writing Pdf. Below we have provided paragraph writing topics for classes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. These English paragraph writing topics are helpful for all school students to perform well in essay or passage writing competitions.

Paragraph Writing Examples || English Paragraph Writing || Paragraph Writing Topics

Paragraph Writing Examples

A Paragraph is a group of sentences all relating to the same topic or subject.

("A paragraph is a number of sentences grouped together and relating to one topic, or, a group of related sentences that develop a single point"- Wren and Martin.)

The essential requirements of a paragraph are:

(1) The paragraph must deal with only one topic or idea having some unity. The controlling idea is usually given in the opening section of the paragraph. The sentence which contains the main idea is called the topic sentence or the key sentence. The other sentences merely develop this topic in an orderly and logical way so that the entire paragraph reads as a connected whole.

Note Sometimes the topic of the paragraph is given in the last sentence.

(2) A paragraph should have veriety also in order to remove monotony. This is best achieved by varying the length of sentences, and by using different forms - positive and negative; simple, complex and compound, etc.

(3) There is no rule about the length of a paragraph. It may be anything between 150-200 words.

Note There must be a purpose in writing anything. The writer must ask himself what exactly be wants to write. The subject given may be broad, but the writer must restrict or limit it. It will create a channel for his ideas to flow throuch.

Some paragraphs on different topics are given below:

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