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Good And Bad Effects Of Television Paragraph

Television- its good and bad effects

Good And Bad Effects Of Television Paragraph

[ Points: New scientific invention - audio - visual effects - instant pictures - source of recreation - drama, cinema, sports events - medium of mass education - running of factories, shops - bad effects - affects children's study.]

One of the latest inventions of science and technology is Television. Invented by the British scientist J. L. Baird in 1926. TV has now given the world a new dimension in every sphere of life. The main feature of TV is its audio-visual effect. TV technology is based on photography and its instant transmission through waves for reproduction on the screen after a very complicated electronic process. It shows us the pictures of objects thousands of miles away together with their sounds. Drama, cinema, sports and many important events are screened on it. With the help of satellites, far-off programmes are telecast on our sets. In fact, TV has now brought the whole world inside our drawing rooms. Apart from being a source of recreation, TV is also an excellent medium of mass education. In the western countries, children attend lectures transmitted on the screen. It is also an important medium of advertisement. But TV has darker sides too. It has made people unsocial. Guests feel embarrassed and unwelcome when they pay visit to someone while a programme is on. Children are tempted to spend some valuable study hours watching TV programmes.

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