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Paragraph Writing: My favourite game and why I like it

Paragraph Writing: My favourite game and why I like it

My favourite game and why I like it

[Points: Football - exciting - makes one tough - not expensive - played all over the world - can be played anytime any season - injury - strict control by FIFA.]

Football is my most favourite game. I tried badminton and cricket. I like them to some extent. But, these games are seldom played in our town. As I live in a rather small town, I find pleasure and recreation in playing football. It is one of the most exciting games because there is always some action in it. All the twenty two players are after a common goal - to score and win the game. It also helps to foster team spirit, spirit of cooperation, orderly behaviour, tact, skill and a methodical approach. These make players tough but not necessarily rough. The habit of obeying the referee's whistle and the linesman's flag accustoms every player to discipline. And how intense the joy is when the ball is netted! Unlike most other outdoor games it is not expensive and can be played any season, anywhere. It is the most exciting game of all and very popular all over the world. Football is objected to on the ground that injuries frequently occur in the course of the game. But when football is played in a true sportsmanlike spirit, there is hardly any injury. This is why I like the game most.

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