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Sports And Games Paragraph

sports and games paragraph

sports and games paragraph

Sports and games

Points: Essential for good health - in advanced countries of present day - neglected in our country so long - good for physical and mental health - help to form character - make one disciplined - unselfish - a great necessity for future generation.

Sports and games are absolutely necessary for everybody. In the advanced countries they are a regular feature of school and college curricula. Unfortunately, however, in our country so long they did not get much importance. It is only recently that greater attention is being paid to them by the educational authorities. Indeed, the importance of sports and games cannot be overemphasised. They are as necessary for the mind as for the body. They keep us physically fit and in good health. As a healthy brain can reside only in a healthy body, sports and games are also necessary for intellectual progress. They also help the formation of character by teaching the virtue of discipline. Captains and supervisors are appointed to see that these rules are not broken. The decisions of the captains and supervisors have to be carried out without any protest, even when they appear to be wrong. Players are thus taught to take even defeat in a sportsmanlike spirit. Success in games require the players to cooperate with one another and look to the interest of the team as a whole and not to their personal glory. Sports and games are now viewed as instruments for building up a strong, healthy and active future generation.

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