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A Train Accident You Experienced Paragraph || A Train Accident Essay

A Train Accident You Experienced Paragraph || A Train Accident Essay

A Train Accident you experienced

(Points: Misty morning - driver could not see the signal - collided with a stationary wagon - rear part of the train damaged - engine derailed-injured people - rescue operation.)

It was a cold misty morning when I was travelling to Burdwan by a local train. The train was nearing Bandel Junction slowly. The distant signal post was on a curve. The driver perhaps could not see the red signal in the early morning mist. Suddenly he saw a local train standing on the same track. He applied the break immediately, but it was too late. The engine dashed against the rear of the stationary train. The three compartments adjoining our engine were derailed. I was at the tail end of the train and felt a sudden jerk very heavily. All these happened in a twinkling of an eye. Words cannot describe what I saw when I got down. The guard and engine driver were lying in a pool of blood. The heart rending cries of the wounded passengers filled the air. The entire scene bore signs of utter distress and confusion. The unhurt passengers got down and started the rescue operation. I also joined them. Soon with the help of the local people, the wounded persons were taken to a nearby hospital. The police and railway officials were late to arrive. After about two hours I walked to the nearest railway station thoroughly exhausted, and caught a train back to Kolkata.

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