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The Olympic Games Paragraph


The Olympic Games Paragraph

The Olympic games

[Points: An eagerly awaited event - started in 776 B. C. - was not held for a long time - revived by Baron de Coubertin in 1986 - addition of new events - records - super athletes - held in every fourth year - Olympic symbol - spirit of friendship and international understanding.]

One of the most eagerly awaited sports events in the world is the Olympic Games. These games were first instituted by the Greeks in 776 B.C. and were held in every fourth year at a place called Olympus in Greece. Athletes from all over Greece used to go to Olympus to participate. Due to some unknown reasons the Olympic games were not held for a long time. After 1500 years, these were held again in 1896, at Athens in Greece. The credit for their revival goes to the great efforts made by Baron Pirrie de Coubertin of France. Only 13 nations participated in this Olympiad. The games are now held once in every fourth year in a predetermined place. Initially only discuss throw, long jump, high jump, short distance running and wrestling were included. But with more and more countries participating later, the number of events also increased. Records are being broken every time by the super-athletes who compete in a spirit of true sportsmanship and brotherhood. The Olympic symbol comprises five rings or circles linked together to represent the sporting friendship of the people of the five continents. In fact, this sporting even has become the symbol of true peace, international understanding and friendship.

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