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Choice of Profession Paragraph | Paragraph On Profession

Choice of a profession Paragraph

Choice of Profession Paragraph | Paragraph On Profession

[Points: Why necessary - an individual's choice - should be according to one's natural aptitude - needs careful thought.]

Man has to earn his living by choosing a profession or vocation in life. This is a very important task and it calls for judicious decision because his future depends on it. Formerly, profession of a man was generally determined by his father's profession-the children stepping into the shoes of the fathers. But with increase in scopes and growing complexity of social forces, profession of a man has become a matter of individual choice. For a wise choice, it is necessary to note the natural aptitude of a person from his boyhood. He should then be put to a course that suits best his taste or abilities. A boy showing talent for mechanical devices will prove a failure in medical line or legal profession but will probably shine as an engineer. Similarly, a boy who has no idealism and love of education cannot be a good teacher. Sometimes it is difficult to make a proper decision owing to various factors such as development of ability late in life, poverty, etc. But a general rule may be laid down that 'career is open to talent'. So a young man must choose his profession with great care and follow it with firm determination.

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