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Study of History Paragraph

Study of History /Why is it important to study history Paragraph

Study of History Paragraph

[Points: History, a storehouse of wisdom, information - story of old ages - lives, literature - modern history - information on common men - conclusion.]

History is a very important subject. It is not the dates and important years only that are to be noted from it. It is a storehouse of wisdom and information. Earlier very little was said about the common people in it. It contained a chronology of battles and wars between different emperors. This naturally led to a wrong idea that kings and great men were the only persons worth studying. But over the decades, the nature of historical studies had undergone a total change. History has now become the scientific study of the peoples of different ages and their problems. In fact, history is the story of creation through the ages. And creation means everything else that concerns them-their art and literature, manners and customs. In short it is the story of civilisation. Modern histories not only touch on the achievements of great men and rulers, but also portrays picture and the life of common men. It now deals with man's struggle with nature and his war against exploitation. Besides, we can also learn how the nations rose and were bound up with one another in weal and woe. These act as morals of history to inspire and guide all mankind.

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