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Achievements of Science Paragraph

Achievements of science Paragraph
Science in the service of man Paragraph

Achievements of Science Paragraph

[Points: Science, root of modern civilisation - has benefited mankind - modern agriculture - fertilizers - transport - communication - telephone - rockets - electronics - printing -  medicine - surgery - electronic world - abuse of science.]

Science is at the root of the progress of modern civilisation. It has benefited mankind in many ways. It has taught man about scientific agriculture, the use of high yielding seeds and fertilizers for producing more food for our ever growing population. Science has also made our life comfortable and enjoyable. The electric light and fan, the refrigerator, etc. have made life easy. Science has given us improved methods of transport and communication. Railways, motor cars, aeroplanes, etc., have made travel easier and quicker. Telephone, cellphone, internet, radio and TV have made communication quick and safe. Electronics has brought about a complete revolution in the modern day life. We can maintain link with any part of the world through net-work of computers via satellites. Computers are doing brain work. Science has also greatly helped the improvement of health. Diseases like T.B., Cholera, Typhoid which were considered dangerous and fatal earlier are curable now. Modern science also has been doing wonders in the surgical and diagnostic fields. Sadly the power of science is being used for evil purposes also. War, nuclear bombs, destruction-all are abuses of science, causing utmost misery to mankind. We should use science only for the good of mankind.

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