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If I Win A Lottery Paragraph

If I win a lottery Paragraph

If I win a lottery Paragraph

[Points: The quickest way to become rich - allotment of the prize money - welfare of the family - construction of one room - educational expenses - sister's marriage - needy relations - personal expenses - sisters.]

I always dream to become rich winning a lottery. If I win, say rupees five lae, I shall set apart sums under different headings. To start with, I propose to hand over 50% of the amount to my father for the welfare of our family. I shall also urge him to construct one more much needed room for our family. Ten percent will be kept in long term fixed deposits to cover our educational expenses. I shall hand over 10% to my mother to spend on my sisters' marriage. Further, I propose to donate 3% to my needy relations, and about 2% to a local club. Another 15% will be reserved for emergency. I am now left with barely 10%. Well, perhaps it will not be too selfish if I keep 5% to my bank account and then distribute the rest among my sisters equally. But I know very well that my plan to utilise lottery money will remain a dream.

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