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Corruption Paragraph 250 words

Corruption Paragraph

Corruption Paragraph

[Points: What it means - manifests in different forms - how it grows - political corruption - offices - bribery - nepotism - during elections - its effect on our society - means of checking.

Corruption means bribery, nepotism, misuse of public money for private gains, and such other offences. Corruption arises from moral deterioration. It breeds in the society both in open and in concealed forms. It is born out of the unholy wedlock between the bribe-giver and bribe taker. Apart from the offer of money, corruption involves offer and reward in a indirect form. Those who are in power, misuse their authority. They indulge in favouritism, corruption and illegal gratification. The election process, often depends on favours granted by the vote seekers. With bleak employment opportunities, men may seek means to get a job and some people would try to exploit their needs. Injustice is done to the meritorious persons. The law of our country has enough provisions to deal with corruption. The defect lies more in enforcement of such laws. Various investigating wings such as Anti-Corruption Bureau, Vigilance Commission, etc. are there to deal with corruption cases. But still there is a cynicism borne in people's mind. It can be checked only by a constant public vigilance and exemplary actions by the authority.

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