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One Day Cricket Paragraph Writing

One Day Cricket Paragraph Writing

One-day cricket Paragraph Writing

One-day cricket

Points: Cricket is an old game - defensive tacties adopted by captains - drawn matches - introduction of new rules during the late sixties - exciting and absorbing matches - Kerry Packer - introduction of still more new rules - no drawn matches - nail bitting finishes - return of spectators to cricket grounds

One-day cricket has now taken the sporting world by storm. Cricket, introduced by the British some 150 years ago, started losing its charm since the early sixties. In order to avoid defeat, rival captains were adopting defensive measures, resulting in tame drawn matches. Spectators were turning away from cricket grounds for lack of any excitement in the game. By the end of sixties a few one-day tournaments were played with some adjustments of the existing rules. One day's playing time was divided into two equal halves allowing each team to play one innings only. A fixed number of overs had to be bowled during the stipulated time. This produced some results. Then suddenly one Mr. Kerry Packer of Australia and some cricket enthusiasts, injected few more new ideas. Now, only 5 fielders were allowed within a ring of 30 yards from the batsmen for a definite period of time. The number of both the off and on side fielders were also restricted. All these revolutionised the game. Because of the excitement it generates, one-day cricket has become more popular than the conventional five-day test matches.

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