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Paragraph Writing: Your Hobby

Paragraph Writing: Your Hobby

Your hobby

(Points: Gardening - season flowers - sweet smell - sheer delight - kitchen garden - manure and saplings - protection from ants and insects - pleasure and satisfaction.)

Many people have different hobbies like philately, photography, travelling and many other things. I have also a hobby-the hobby of gardening. We have a small lawn in front of our house and I have laid out It has a variety of season flowers grown. It is said that a beautiful flower is the loveliest creation of God. Really, as I feast my eyes upon the beauties in my garden and inhale their sweetness, I almost forget myself in sheer delight. I have a kitchen garden at the back of the house. Here I grow vegetables of common use. This not only saves us money but also gives us fresh things. I spend most of my idle time in my hobby. Time flies away when I am absorbed in it. Often I go to a local nursery to buy saplings and manure. I have to keep a watch on the plants for possible attacks from ants and insects. Gardening requires a good deal of labour. The soil has to be carefully prepared with water and manure. I do all these myself. Still the labour and trouble are nothing in comparison with the joy I find in the hobby. my flower garden there.

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