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Paragraph Writing: Your village

Paragraph Writing: Your village

Your village

(Points: Location, name - other details - population - type of people - their occupations - school, college, post office, police outpost - life in the village - panchayet - peaceful.)

My village Kusumpur is about 40 km. from Burdwan town. It has no railways and is connected with Burdwan by a metalled road. The population of the village, totalling about 5000, comprises mostly farmers. There are a few jotedars and some small traders who form the well-to-do section of the villagers. Our village is comparatively well served with facilities of one primary school, a high school, a sub post office and a primary health centre. Besides, there are a police outpost and a block office which serve greatly to the needs of the villagers. We all lead a happy social life with occasional pujas, jatras and melas. The gram panchayet looks after our welfare. The villagers, though suffering from many disadvantages, are on the whole happy and contented. The inhabitants are all simple and decent. They are united by mutual love and fellow-feeling and stand by one another in times of need. Our village life is very peaceful and it is free from the din and bustle of a city life.

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