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Paragraph Writing: Your Daily Life

Paragraph Writing: Your Daily Life

Your Daily Life

(Points: Follow a routine life daily - rise early - breakfast - study - bath - meal - school- afternoon - holiday.)

I have been following a routine life for the last three years. Though there are some deviations on holidays, I always try to stick of it. I usually get up early in the morning. After washing my hands, I take some physical exercise. Then comes tea, after which I go on with my studies up to 9 a.m. Bath and meals over, I have a little rest before leaving for school. Returning home in the afternoon, I take some refreshment and then go out to play. At dusk, I return home, and sit down to study again. Then I go to bed after having my supper. There are departures from this on holidays. Often I assist my father to carry our heavy shoppings. Then I spend some time reading library books and occasionally visiting frends and relations. After lunch, mostly I go to bed for a little nap. Sometimes, if my fund permits. I dash to the nearest cinema hall or theatre with the permission of my parents. I do not like to sit idle even for a while whether it is a Sunday or a weekday.

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