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Paragraph Writing: Your Neighbours And The Locality

Paragraph Writing: Your Neighbours And The Locality

Your Neighbours and the locality

[Points: Middle class people - friendly neighbours - bus route not far - bazar, post office - roads - residents' association.]

We have very recently shifted to our house at the Salt Lake City, Kolkata. The residents of the locality are mostly middle class or upper middle class people. Amongst our next-door neighbours, there are a professor, a retired engineer, a contractor and a lawyer. We have also a tenant who is very respectable. Mother has found a good friend in his wife and I, too, have become very friendly with his two sons. Salt Lake is a very well planned satellite township having all the amenities of a modern civie life. The area is well connected with other parts of the city. Public and private bus routes are within three minutes' walk. We have a bazaar, a post office, a milk booth and a hospital closely. There is also a club where we play table-tennis, chess and carrom. The roads are wide and metallic. The best feature of the area is that it is very calm and quiet. There is no scarcity of water-which is a chronic problem elsewhere. The residents feel dearly for their locality, and I have already fallen in love with this area.

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