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A Good Citizen or Rights and Duties Of A Citizen Paragraph

A good citizen or Rights and duties of a citizen Paragraph

A good citizen or Rights and duties of a citizen Paragraph

A good citizen


Rights and duties of a citizen

[Points: Rights and duties go together - relation between citizen and society - duties of the state - duties of the citizens - conclusion.]

Rights go with duties. Every citizen owes much to the society he lives in and the society in turn also owes to him. The citizen should have the right of protection of life, liberty and property, freedom of speech, sanctity of the home, association and religious faith. Education, medical help, employment, disability or old age benefits are also some other rights a citizen should have. Among the other rights are also included the right to exercise franchise to elect a government. If the citizen has his rights, he has his obligations and responsibilities too. The first and foremost obligation of a citizen in allegiance to the state. He must stand by the Government to resist enemy attack to prevent foreign domination. A citizen is further obliged to cooperate with the Government in running the administration and maintaining law and order. For running a Government, money is needed and the citizens should, pay their own dues properly. The citizens should observe discipline to maintain a good civic life. Every citizen must extend his or her hands to others who need them. Individual freedom is a precious thing no doubt, but it is our duty not to encroach upon other's freedom.

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