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Pulse Polio Immunization Programme Paragraph

Pulse Polio Immunization Programme paragraph

Pulse Polio Immunization Programme paragraph

Pulse Polio Immunization Programme paragraph

[Points: What is polio - effects - epidemic vaccination - immunization programme world picture - situation in India - conclusions.]

Polio is a disease caused by a virus and it affects mainly the children under five. The polio virus normally enters the body through the mouth, usually from hands contaminated with the stool of an infected person. It multiplies inside the body and invades the nerve cells that control muscle movements. The result of the attack is paralysis, crippled bodies and sometimes death.

Polio was one of the most dreaded diseases that created a near panic during the epidemics of 1940s and 50s. Then in 1955, a breakthrough occurred when Dr Jonas Salk invented the vaccine which proved effective in preventing polio. There is no cure for polio, it is preventable only by immunization. The global initiative to eradicate polio by the end of the year 2000 through immunization is the largest disease control programme ever taken. In pursuance of the World Health Assembly Resolution of 1988 to eradicate polio by 2000 AD, Pulse Polio Immunization Programme was launched in India in 1995.

Every child below the age of 5 years is given two doses of oral polio drops one month apart. Thousands of booths are opened where health and civil defence officials feed the polio drops to children. The PPI Programme has yielded satisfactory results, making most parts of the country polio free.

The rest of the country is likely to achieve the target in a few years. Creating awareness and cooperation of all parents, citizens and organizations in this mission will help to eradicate polio from India.

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