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My Home Paragraph

My Home Paragraph

My Home Paragraph 100 Words

[Points: Sweet home - members of the family - relationship with them - the locality you live in - your neighbours - your role in the family - conclusion.]

Home is the sweetest place on earth. I am very proud of my home. At home, I have my parents, one brother and two sisters. We all love one another. Father is the head of the family and he looks after the welfare! of the whole family. Mother manages the household works. She takes care of our foods, cloth, health, etc. All four of us children given each other good company. The residents of the locality we live in are mostly middle class or upper-middle class people. Amongst our next door neighbours, there are a professor, a retired engineer and a doctor. A good neighbourly feeling exists amongst all of us. In the family, I always try to give a helping hand to my parents. We share our joys as well as sorrows with each other. We are not rich but there is peace in our family. That is why it is so sweet to me.

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