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Paragraph The Scene In An Examination Hall

The scene in an examination hall

Paragraph The Scene In An Examination Hall

The Scene In An Examination Hall

Points: Terrible experience-feel uneasy-gate opens-students take seats- question papers are distributed-expressions of the students-all round hush-bearers stitch papers-footsteps of invigilators-busy writing answers-leave halls.

Examinations are always associated with a sense of anxiety amongst the students. Hence there is an uneasy expectancy among all students during the examination. On the appointed day, the candidates rush in to take their seats and wait anxiously for the question papers. Question papers are handed over to the examinees. As they hurriedly glance over it, their faces bear various expressions. Some become pale through nervous fear; others beam with satisfaction. A sudden hush engulfs the hall. Only the soft, slow sound of the invigilators' foot-steps can be heard. Some of the students try to whisper some answers and are promptly warned. Time is wearing away rapidly. Only half an hour is left for the final bell to ring. An air of anxiety seems to descend on the students. Some have finished writing their answers and are revising them. Some of them find that several questions are yet to be answered. They look flurried. At long last, the three hours' time is over and the answer scripts are collected. The students gradually stream out of the hall. Outside, they hotly discuss the questions-some with happy moods and some with long faces and they melt away gradually.

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