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Vernacular As The Medium Of Instruction

 Vernacular as the medium of instruction 

Vernacular As The Medium Of Instruction

Points: A widely discussed topic-arguments-foreign language difficult to learn and express in-Indian languages are rich-easy for students to understand-technical books in their mother tongues-students benefited.

Adoption of a suitable language as the medium of instruction in schools and colleges has been a widely discussed topic for a long time. The arguments for adoption of the regional languages as the media are many. A foreign language is difficult to learn properly. The student has to spend a good deal of time and energy to master the language first. It is often difficult for them to express properly in it. As their foundation becomes weak, their learning also becomes defective. The basic purpose of education is thus defeated. On the other hand, it is easy for students to learn a subject in the vernacular. Most of the Indian languages are rich. Books on science and technology are published regularly in them. So, there is no reason to fear that education will suffer for want of books. If the regional languages are accepted as the media, still better books in all subjects are sure to appear. Many advanced countries like France, Germany, Japan, etc., use their mother tongues as medium of instruction in schools and colleges. Thus, it can be safely argued that if vernacular becomes the medium of instruction it is the students who would benefit most.

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