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Mother Teresa Paragraph

 Mother Teresa Paragraph

Mother Teresa Paragraph
Mother Teresa Paragraph

Q. Here is some information about Mother Teresa. Write a short paragraph on her life covering all points within 100 words:


(i) Name: Mother Teresa.

(ii) Date of Birth: August 2, 1910.

(iii) Place of Birth: Albania (in Yugoslavia).

(iv) Education: Government School in Albania.

(v) 1928: Came to Kolkata for missionary works.

(vi) A teacher in Convent School in Kolkata.

(vii) Dedicated herself to the service of suffering humanity.

(viii) Found- NIRMAL HRIDAY in Kolkata.

(ix) Life-style: Modest living, simple dress, avoids publicity, silent worker.

(x) Recognition: Awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, Bharat Ratna in 1980.

(xi) Passed away: September 5, 1997. 

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a great humanist who dedicated her life for the cause of suffering humanity. She was born in Albania on August 2, 1910. She completed her school education in a Government School in Yugoslavia. After completing her education she decided to become a nun and so she joined a Roman Catholic Mission which sent her to Kolkata in 1928. While engaged in her Missionary work she was deeply moved by the agonies and miseries of the poor of this country. She started her life in Kolkata as a teacher in a convent school, but soon she realized that the mission of her life should be to dedicate herself to the service of suffering people. So she started an organisation, Nirmal Hriday, at Kalighat which became a shelter for the suffering people. Destitutes, lepers, orphans and even persons dying uncared on the pavements of the city are sheltered there. Mother Teresa led a very simple and modest life. She talked a ittle but did a lot and the compass of her vision was global. Though she avoided all kinds of publicity, Mother was famous all over the world for her activities. In recognition of her selfless service, she was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. She became a Bharat Ratna in 1980, Mother was not keeping good health for the last few years. She was suffering from various allments, mainly of heart. On Friday, September 5, 1997, the 87-year old nun left for her heavenly abode. The poor, the downtrodden, the destitutes around the world became poorer and orphan. People bade their Mother farewell with tears in their eyes.

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