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Paragraph Writing: Journey in A Crowded Bus

Paragraph writing: Journey in a crowded Bus

Journey in a crowded Bus

[Points: A hazard- overcrowded bus- stuffy inside- chattering of passengers- difficult- to stand- pick pocket- a horrible experience.]

Travelling in buses has become a hazard nowadays. The other day I boarded a crowded bus. The bus was jampacked and people were travelling dangerously on the footboard. I managed to get a foot-hold and gradually pushed myself inside. It was stuffy inside and I was streaming with sweat. Those who wanted to get down had actually to fight their way out. I was standing virtually on one leg. Whenever a seat fell vacant there was a scramble for it. To make matters worse the conductor was pushing us inside to make room for the new passengers. The driver was very liberal in the use of the air horn- it was ear-splitting. Furthermore, he was also applying the air-brake very sharply and we were often thrown off-balance. Passengers were swearing at the driver. Suddenly there was a scream: "Pick-pocket, pick-pocket" at the rear gate. I looked back immediately, and saw a young man jumping out of the moving bus. The bus, however, did not stop. At last I reached my destination; with great difficulty I managed to get out of the bus and felt relieved. It was, indeed, the most tiresome journey I had ever made.

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