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Your Favourite Season Paragraph | My Favourite Season Paragraph

Winter in West Bengal
Your favourite season

Your Favourite Season Paragraph | My Favourite Season Paragraph

[Points: Position of Winter in the cycle of seasons - the season of varieties of fruits and vegetables - festivals like Christmas, Saraswati Puja etc. -very pleasant for the rich but not so pleasant for the poor - H. S. candidates do not have much time to enjoy this season.]

The Indian calendar breaks up the cycle of season into six broad divisions. The fifth season is the winter. It generally begins in November and lasts till the middle of February. Winter is my favourite season because it is the most enjoyable and comfortable season of all in West Bengal. During this season, the sky remains very clear and bright. These are the cold months, very comfortable to the rich, but not so for the poor. It is comparatively free from epidemics and floods. We get a much better supplies of fish, fruit and vegetables this time, and so the living is cheaper now than in other seasons. There is very little rain, and people enjoy the warm sun fully. Festivals like Christmas and Saraswati Puja are celebrated with all pomp and gaity in this season. It is also the time for picnics, bookfairs, seminars, conferences, circus shows and musical nights. A festive mood prevails everywhere. The examinees, however, cannot enjoy the season to their heart's content as they remain busy preparing for their examinations. They certainly envy the others who enjoy the outings in this festive season.

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