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100 Important One Word Substitution For SSC Exam pdf

100 Important One Word Substitution For SSC Exam pdf
100 Important One Word Substitution For SSC Exam pdf
Dear Students,
Here, is the best place for you to download 100 Important One Word Substitution For SSC Exam Pdf. Jibikadisari give you All competitive exam Special free  100 Important One Word Substitution For SSC Exam pdf like Police exams, WBP Main exam, Railway exams, Psc exam, Civil exams, Indian Post exams, SSC exams, UPSC exams, RBI exams, Group-D exams, Indian Army exams, or any other entrance exam. 100 Important One Word Substitution For SSC Exam Pdf is very important for Preparation all examinations. You can also download GK, GI, Math, Question Paper, Current Affairs, etc Pdf format free of cost on our website. Visit this to Download 100 Important One Word Substitution For SSC Exam pdf. The direct link Of this 100 Important One Word Substitution For SSC Exam pdf has been given below.

100 Important One Word Substitution For SSC Exam:

5000 One word substitution PDF | One Word Substitution pdf Download

One Word Substitution is substituting a group of words with a unique word according to its meaning. Most of these words are noun and these words are commonly used in our daily life, newspaper etc. 

In examination, this kind of test is provided, especially to test the candidate's skill of memorising important words in English language. Questions of one word substitution is formed by writing the definition of these important words, similarly as they are written in any English to English dictionary. The only way to prepare this segment is to make yourself complete familiar with every important word as you can.

Generally, one word substitution covers specific words from the different aspects of Professions, Political, Religious, Medical Terms etc.

Here are some questions from 'One Word Substitution'. Go through these questions and try to understand the pattern and nature of such question.

A few one word substitution are given below :

1. One who does not believe in the existence of God - Atheist

2. The life-history of someone written by himself - Autobiography

3. One who plays not to earn money but for pleasure - Amateur

4. Without name or identification - Anonymous 

5. A place where birds are kept - Aviary

6. One who believes in destruction of all forms of government - Anarchist

7. One who is appointed to settle disputes between two parties - Arbitrator

8. A medicine which makes the effect of poison zero - Antidote

9. One who is unable to pay one's debt - Bankrupt, Insolvent

10. One whose religious view is very narrow - Bigot

11. Ain object which breaks easily - Brittle

12. One who eats human beings' flesh - Cannibal

13. Composed of things from all parts of the world - Cosmopolitan

14. Someone or something existing at the same period as another - Contemporary

15. Orie who believes very easily - Credulous

16. A place for burying the dead - Cemetery

17. Eat ing flesh or meat - Carnivorous

18. One who believes in fate - Fatalist 

19. Very choosy and hard to please - Fastidious

20. Killing of one's own brother - Fratricide

21. An office or post without pay - Honorary

22. Killing of man - Homicide

Also Read- 

23. Done or given without charge or fee - Gratis

24. Something that cannot be read - Illegible

25. Someone that cannot be defeated - Invincible

26. A place that cannot be reached - Inaccessible

27. That which cannot be explained - Inexplicable

28. That which cannot be corrected - Incorrigible

29. That which cannot be done without, absolutely necessary - Indispensable

30. That which cannot be erased - Indelible

31. That which cannot be avoided - Inevitable

32. That which cannot be understood or realised easily - Inscruta ble

33. That which cannot be changed or ended - Irrevocabie

34. Not to the point - Irrelevant

35. That which never fails or faults - Infallible

36. One who wastes his time without any job - Idler

37. Killing of one's own mother - Matricide

38. Öne who dies for one's country or for others - Mairtyr

39. Marrying with one person - Monogamy

40. Hater of mankind - Misanthrope

41. An attitude measuring everything in terms of money or profit - Materialistic

42. One who can be hired to do any illegal act - Mercenary

43. A drug causing sleep or intoxication - Narcotic

44. No longer in use - Obsolete

45. Öne who speaks skilfully - Orator

46. All powerful - Omnipotent

47. Present everywhere - Omnipresent

48. Knowing everything - Omniscient

49. Marrying with more than one - Polygamy

50. One who knows many languages - Polyglot

51. A single cure for all diseases - Panacea

52. Happening after one's death - Posthumous

53. One who uses others to survive - Parasite

54. Killing of one's own father - Patricide

55. A person doing good acts for mankind - Philant hropist

56. One who lives alone and avoids people - Reclitse

57. Habitually reserved and silent - Reticent

58. Murder of king - Regicide

59. One who walks in sleep - Somnambulist

60. One who talks in sleep - Somniloquist

61. A post or office high in reputation and pay bu t no work - Sinecure

62. Talking to oneself - Soliloquy

63. One who is made to suffer for another - Scapegoat

64. With the opinion or agreement of all - Unanimous

65. Very clear in meaning - Unambiguous

66. That which cannot be predicted before - Unforeseen

67. Using too many words in writing or speaking - Verbose

68. Someone with a long experience - Veteran

69. Examination of one's thoughts or experience - Introspection

70. Killing (out of mercy) someone suffering from incurable disease - Euthanasia

71. Written in a document after it has been signed - Postscript

72. Religious song - Hymn

73. The policy of extending a country's empire - Imperialism

74. Blood relationship - Consanguinity

75. Opposed to great or sudden change - Conservative

76. Using someone else's ideas as own - Plagiarism

77. Someone not sure about God's existence - Agnostic

78. One who leaves a religion or faith - Apostate

79. One who has no taste for literature, art or music - Philistine

80. Deriving pleasure by inflicting pain on others - Sadism

81. One having excessive enthusiasm for a cause - fanatic

82. An insult to God - Blasphemy

83. One who loves books - Bibliophile

84. One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain - Stoic

85. One who poses himself as someone he is not - Imposter

86. Code of diplomatic etiquette - Protocol

87. A word for word copy - Verbatim

88. That which cannot be understood - Unintelligible

89. A story intended to reveal a moral or spiritual truth - Parable

90. One who travels from place to place - Itinerant

91. One who uses both his hands with equal skill - Ambidextrous

92. A short journey for fun - Excursion

93. One who doubts every good thing - Cynic

94. Giving undue favours to one's relatives - Nepotism

95. Not allowing the light to pass through - Opaque

96. An official sent on a diplomatic mission - Emissary

97. One who abstains completely from alcoholic drinks - Teetotaller

98. One who loves to entertain one's guests - Hospitable

99. A general pardon for political convicts - Amnesty

100. The thing that is added or attached to something larger or more important - Appendage

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